From The Past.

Several years ago, I was slurping some tea in the workplace coffee lounge, when a colleague of mine entered the room. She had a huge smile on her face.

No sane person ever smiles without a reason (right?), so I asked her why so smiley.

Her answer was instant, and it seemed like a sincere one: “I’m doing great!”

I can’t remember how I reacted, or what I said to her. It probably wasn’t anything clever, because her explanation for the grin was quite unexpected:

“Uhh, hey, that’t great.”

Why do I still remember this uneventful event?

Nothing to do with SODA CRAZY.


So, yours truly just went through a complete techological reform. Meaning new computer and recording software, aka daw.

Here we have FIRST OF A KIND, which was the first tune I made using the new equipment.

I pretty much used the “old methods” in the process of production. It’s a long and winding road to learn all the new stuff that my fancy new gear are capable of, but hey, I’m in no rush.

Old dog can learn new tricks!

They Keep On Coming.

One day, some time ago, I was gonna make some music.

I was going after “spagetti-westernish-stuff”, with pointy electric guitar, percussions, and of course a full orchestra.

I opened my recording software, and lo & behold, had a sudden change of heart. Instead of proceeding according to my plans, I made CHANGE OF HEART.

Things happen.

Coming up later this – or some other – year: Stuff that I didn’t make, when I made, what I made.

So Stupid!

What we’ve got here is melodic metal music.

Although, “The Study of How You Can Make Something Interesting Out of a Extremely Stupid Riff”, would probably be a better description.

… and by calling the two notes a riff, that play in our little tune constantly, is pretty generous. The “riff” is so stupid, that I don’t even end this sentence to an exclamation mark.

Despite the awfulness of a major ingredient, I think the dish came out nicely.

… in fact, now that I think about it… The riff might just be the most genious thing I’ve ever written! Becauce it’s so stupid, and still makes a pretty good metal instrumental!

So, SIERRA SOMBER, featuring a stupid riff.

Also, the word “stupid” was used five (6) times in this post!

Stupid Little Thought Of The Day.

From now on, I’ll be talking about digital watch. That’s because – at least in my case – when I take a look of an analog watch, and it says 10.49, in my mind the time is ten to eleven.

Ahem. Have I seen every possible time, when eyeballing a watch, at that time in question? Hours & minutes, let’s leave the seconds out.

I know for sure that I’ve seen 11.11, 22.22, 12.34, 23.45 and 13.37. You tend to pay special attention when you see those numbers.

I’ve probably seen all the round hours, right? Or maybe not. Perhaps I haven’t seen 4 and 5 in the morning.

So, there’s most likely dozens of times I haven’t seen at all! Those stupid early hours.

Do I care? Do I wanna “collect” all the times o’ the clock?

No, and absolutely no. As the title suggests.

Maybe I should go UTANFÖR DÖRREN more often.

Wrong Day Update.

I think CONSTITUTION was the last piece of music I produced in 2021. That’s famously that time of the year, when yours truly is not in it’s finest form. Despite that, I think the tune came out nicely.

The song also got stuck in my head pretty badly. Usually that doesn’t happen. Survival instinct you know.

Yeah, it’s one of those retro-C64-computer-SID-tunes.

They’re great!

And no. The day is exactly the right.

Lonesome Drummond.

R: MR COFFEE, huh? What’s that? You forgot to add something? Like, other instruments for instance?

L: Well, no. The tune in question was intended to be just drums, drumming away.

R: I see. Are you trying to clever or something?

L: Not cleverer than usually. And I may – some day – produce an extended tune, using the drum track as the basis of another piece of music.

R: Some day, you say? Is this masterful construct your coming out in a week? Two months? Nine years?

L: You’re a jerk.

R: So are you.