Ode to mellotron.

Oh I like mellotron.

Who doesn’t like mellotron? Point out that kind of person and show me a clear path for him/her and I swear, I’ll think about heading that way, and end up going home while shaking my head in disbelief.

It’s just the combination of class & playfulness… Poison and cure in a same box… Hair Metal & New Wave side by side…

Did you know that professional musicians (especially brass, woodwind & string instrument players) feared for their jobs when these early synthesizers first came out. That’s silly, ‘cos the string bank in mellotron, doesn’t exactly sound like a bunch of guys and gals playing violins and whatnot. It sounds cool, but not “real”.

So, mellotron is also a very polite instrument.

Did I mention, I like mellotron.

HAZY‘s got two of ’em. The second one is on hold if the first one breaks.