Here’s funk.

Guess who quite recently listened a lot of James Brown?

That’s right, millions and billions of music enthusiasts all over the known galaxy, including me.

Jamesy sure is one of the fellows who has his place on the mantle piece, next to Plato and Curie, but who doesn’t seem to visit my record player very often.

Hmm, maybe some artists you just take too much for granted, without actually stopping to listen ’em.

Who else am I missing?

What about authors, books, movies?

I wouldn’t worry about TV-shows. My friends seem to always know, which shows I absolutely must watch right now.

Adding stuff for my to do list: Don Quixote, the book (+ the movie when it finally comes out) and Gone with the Wind, the movie. And billions & billions of TV and Netflix shows I should absolutely see. Immediately!

And that – boys and girls – is how assosiating furiously is like.

To get back on the track: SATURATED FUNK.