Let’s Predict!

Just a few days ago, I discovered a YouTube channel that dealt with predicting things. And it seems like there’s a whole bunch other channels with similar content.


Does it actually work? I’ve never tried predicting the future, so let’s try it out!

I’ll try predicting some close-range stuff, so we can check how well I did – let’s say in about a month.

So, after 30 earth days:

– I’m still not quite used of seeing Jose Mourinho on the AS Roma bench
– My weight & height are about the same
– Folks still have to wear face mask in public places
– I’m starting to feel the need to see Dr. Samuel LOOMIS, I do make an appointment, feel great disappointment afterwards, not watch “The Great Escape”, but do watch “The Dirty Dozen” instead, because it has Telly Savalas
– I still hate mondays, but not as much as in 1992
– Someone famous & pretty old has passed away
– Climate change is still an issue
– I can still see my croquet set from here

I’ll see you in a month!

Also week.