Old Joke.

“Although jazz musician was terminally ill, he wasn’t afraid. He had lived a good life, he wasn’t in pain, and during his last moments in this world, he was in the company of his loved ones.

The only thing that bothered him, was that he was worried the heaven might be a boring place, with all the angels playing harp & singing heavenly stuff.

When his time finally came, he took a spirit form and started floating towards the bright light. As he approaced the light, the jazz musician noticed the heat it was emitting. Very soon it became evident that his journey was not towards the pearly gates, but instead some other place.

Before jazz musician got the chance to get scared, he found himself back in corporeal form. The body he was inhabiting was his own, as he used to have decades ago when he was a young man. As he was still feeling the lack of wrinkes in his face, he started hearing distant music. Jazz musician followed the sounds…”

So, something reminded me of that old joke, which will be concluded next week. In the meantime: STICKY BLEU. It’s blues!