Memories of Azeroth II.

So, I was visiting some familiar places back in Northrend.

I rode my trusty wolfy like heck, all across the continent. I met some people, ate some cheese, and let the lightning flash.

The weather was mostly lovely, albeit a bit cold. On specially lazy days, I enjoyed sitting on the pier with my fishing pole. Then I got back to bullying some piggies and help strangers to find their lost luggage.

It was all fun – for about 30 days. Then I was happy to get back home.

Afterwards – this was weeks after my return – it turned out, that a humble musical thing had followed me home. I recognized it… I think I first heard the thing in Dragonblight… Yes, I think that’s what the place was called. Then I casted my spell and made BLOOMINGUS to come alive.

I also considered getting some letters on top of my head, that says “salty”. But after a serious thinking – of about 1.1 seconds – I decided not to. Because I’m not insane.

No wait, I am!