What Was Going On And On.

Well not much, or yeah but no but…

Traditionally the first (or last) post of the year has been about the tune(s) that earwormed me the most in the past year. This time – I’ve gotta say – nothing really stands out.

Sure there were some, earlier this month and in the summer, but those songs kinda just faded away without causing any long-term trauma. Or they tormented me furiously for a very short time. Hit & run tactics sort of away.

You know the songs that’ve been with you for years, and there’s no sign of them going away any time soon? The kind of songs, that you don’t even notice anymore. Songs that are grown into you like a tiny mole in your back.

I have a little theory about that stuff… but I’m still processing it. I’ll get back to you when I’m done.

Some music, aye? Here you go: TAIKA USKOISA. It’s tuned for chips & it’s fun.

Happy new year, folks!