Then some boogie-woogie-ish stuff.

I was thinking of naming this one “Boogie Woogie Wookie Boogie” or something like that. Quick googling revealed that yes, some other folks have also thought about it. Because you know, the joke is right there.

The letter placing came to a sudden end, when I realised it was like the stupidest “joke” I’ve ever thought about. One could say it was the MOTHER OF ALL DAD JOKES.

That’s better. Not by far, but a bit.

(As a side note, I quite recently read a news paper article about dad jokes. The history, the anatomy, situations when they are told and their purpose. The funny thing was, as thorough as the article tried to be, the writer – in my humble opinion – had totally missed the point of such verbal embarrassments! It’s not rocket science, dude.)